Marine Team


Chris Ertl

General Manager
Chris is the reason we were able to open a marine center in 2018 because he is the only one we can trust at the helm. He has a wife and two kids at home and even though he switched to the boating life you can still see the sport bike rider in his eyes.

Troy Keller

Marine Product Specialist
Troy is the best person on the planet at building and maintaining relationships because he sincerely cares about everyone. He has thousands of hours logged on the R1 and now enjoys a more relaxing life with his wife and daughter cruising around Wisconsin on Yamaha Jet Boats. When he does find time for himself you might find him on the golf course wishing he was as good as Corey.

Todd Lossel

Parts, Gear, and Accessories Specialist
Todd spent the last 25 years in the outdoor adventure world of kayaking, down-hill skiing, and mountain biking - just to name a few! Needless to say, if it belongs outside, Todd loves it. This love for outdoors also translates to his cabin in Lakewood, WI where he enjoys riding his RZR with his two sons, who are already taking apart and putting machines together in the garage at night.

Andy Elmer

Marine Center
Andy is the leader in our marine service department. He prefers jet skis with standing room only and does the best chicken impression you have ever heard, which I am sure his wife Tara doesn't think is funny anymore.

Matt Voigt

Service Technician
With more than ten years of experience, Matt is a go-to for mechanical advice, boating questions, and most importantly, tri-zinger races. He also will show you how to use the drone if you are nice to him. When he isn't at Team, he is making his wife a plate of corny jokes or maintaining his reputation at Jet Ski Friday.
Adam Hintze

Adam Hintze

Set-up Technician
Adam runs the fastest nautical mile on a pontoon and is ready for everything we throw at him. He started with us in 2018 and when he isn't setting up a jet boat with a new sound system you might check the skate park to find him.
Brae Meidam

Brae Meidam

Marine Detail Technician
Brae has an eye for detail and a work ethic to match a greek god. When he isn't turning heads with another impossibly clean boat, you might find him at a car meet or making the class laugh with a zippy one-liner!

Mike Schommer

Finance Manager
Mike loves hunting, fishing, and the packers, but he is married to his wife and kids. At work he sings bad parodies to whatever song is on the radio and is always the life of the party on our off-road rides.
Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson

Outboard Technician
We needed an outboard expert and Andy came to our rescue! We found him hanging out with the guys at Jet Ski Friday but you may also find him on a snowmobile! We rely on Andy to keep your engine in perfect shape so you can feel confident on the water.
Riley Yonker

Riley Yonker

Lot Technician
Riley is one of our in-house high schoolers and if you watch him closely you can see the future of Team Winnebagoland just pouring out of him. No, those aren't tears! He may have been born after 9/11 but you wouldn't think it if you met him on the basketball court. If you see Riley outside pulling boats around give him a wave!

Hannah Petruska

Marketing Coordinator
Hannah loves all things outdoors! Hunting, Fishing, Camping you name it and she is down for the adventure. She is the lady behind all the social media posts, photo-taking & website page creation. She loves being creative and learning new things. In her free time, you can find her snuggling with her Australian Shepherd named Cowboy.

Alex Gilbert

Watercraft Buyer
Alex is our go-to guy when it comes to finding and buying the best pre-owned watercraft. He has got a knack for picture taking. In his free time, you can find him riding the trails with his buddies or playing video games.